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PERUNICA provides flexible International import and export services to meet the specific needs of our customers..


PERUNICA provides excellent transportation value for shippers through an extensive network of reliable freight carriers. Each carrier must meet our standards of clean, well maintained equipment with good safety records & adequate carrier insurance.

| Vital Partner To Carriers |

PERUNICA has become a vital partner to carriers as we help them grow their business through access to freight from our broad shipper base. Our logistics professionals and easy to use internet tools make it simple for carriers to find loads and post trucks resulting in increased business volume and greater profitability.

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 Welcome to   PERUNICA   Corporation

is a premier transportation and third party logistics company that provides nationwide logistics solutions to meet all customer needs. We are a specialist freight forwarder in shipments to Russia and CIS. We can deliver shipments to any point within Russia or former Soviet republics that has a customs station. Customs clearance is then handled on site at the final location. This is very important for customers in Russia since they do not want their cargo generally cleared in Moscow or St. Petersburg.  We have handled thousands of shipments destined for Russia and CIS.

 Unquestionable Integrity

PERUNICA maintains the highest standards and prides itself as being a partner you can trust. Potential customers must qualify and meet our company standards prior to transporting their freight. Our integrity and high standards put us above the rest.

 Satisfied customers

PERUNICA always has two customers on every load, one being the shipper, and the other being the carrier. We make every effort to manage both with caring professionalism.


Handle with the utmost care

PERUNICA  and its International carriers meet all regulatory, Customs, and security requirements to keep your International shipments safe. Whether it’s industrial, retail, electronics, automotive or other product lines, PERUNICA will handle your International shipment with the utmost care and expeditious delivery it deserves.

Financially Stable - Guaranteed Timely Payments

PERUNICA is a financially stable and secure company. Our financial procedures and prompt payment make us a leader in customer satisfaction 

Superior customer service

PERUNICA has a reputation for providing superior customer service. Key to this is our team of professional, qualified transportation experts. PERUNICA uses proprietary software and technical solutions coupled with a "hands on" approach to ensure standards and increased reliability for our customers.